Elm Sleep Review: Resort Collection 15’’ Hybrid Mattress

Elm Sleep is a rather new name in the mattress industry. They hit the market in Q2 of 2022. Their product line includes two mattresses, the Elm Original 13” Hybrid and the Elm Resort Collection 15” Hybrid. We will focus on the latter for our unbiased (as always) Elm Sleep review.

Appearance and Unboxing

Despite their impressive thickness and hybrid construction, which places them on the heavy and bulky side, the Elm Resort Collection mattresses are conveniently delivered in a box, to your door, for free. Delivery takes between 4 and 12 business days.  

Buyers have up to 180 days to test the mattress in their home and return it if they’re not happy with the purchase. The company does recommend a minimum 30 days accommodation period, to give sleepers a chance to get used to the new mattress. 

Given the 15’’ thickness and hybrid construction, the mattress is pretty heavy, so unboxing it is a job for 2. For a streamline process, we recommend placing it on the bed before removing the box and the plastic wrap. Give it at least 24 hours to fully recover and air. 

The mattress cover is an elegant combination of grey and dark anthracite. While the colors are not really common for hotel-grade mattresses, they’re easy to match and less vulnerable to dirt and stains compared to the standard white or light beige alternatives.

Elm Sleep Resort Collection Materials and Construction

Elm Resort Collection mattresses are hand-crafted in the U.S. and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They’re made from premium CertiPUR-US foams and pocketed hybrid coils, assembled using water-based glue, and available in 2 firmness options: Luxury Plush and Luxury Firm. Here is a breakdown of the layers:

  1. Luxurious 360 stretch knit anti-slip cover with 1″ quilting foam for cooling and great feel against the skin
  2. 4lb HD Visco foam comfort layer (2’’ on firm & 3’’ on plush models) designed to relieve pressure and prevent back, hip, and neck pain
  3. HD poly foam layer (2’’) providing excellent support in all the key areas and enhancing comfort
  4. Pocketed hybrid coils system (8’’) ensure with reinforced edges to provide targeted support, edge stability, enhance airflow, and localize and isolate motion
  5. HD poly base foam layer (1’’ on plush & 2’’ on firm) creating a sturdy base and adding stability and durability, to allow the mattress to be used on most foundations, adjustable bases, and even directly on the floor
  6. Durable, dark-colored side-panel fabric to improve resistance to dirt and stains in case of floor use or when moving

Firmness Options and Sleeping Positions

As mentioned above, the Elm Resort Collection 15” Hybrid is available in 2 firmness options: luxury plush and luxury firm. These two should cover the needs of most sleepers.

The Plush version provides the extra cushioning and softness side and combination sleepers need.

The Luxury Firm version adds the extra support and alignment that back, stomach, and heavier sleepers need.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Impressive 15’’ thickness – While most mattresses out there are 10’’ and 12’’ thick, Elm’s Resort Collection takes things to the next level with their hotel-grade mattress. 
  • Solutions for everyone – As mentioned above, buyers can choose between Luxury Plush and Luxury Firm, the two options covering the needs of most side, back, and stomach sleepers, including heavier ones.  
  • Anti-slip, touch-friendly cover – The 360 stretch knit cover feels great against the skin, even though you’re unlikely to sleep directly on it and keeps the bedding in place. 
  • Pressure relief – Elm mattresses use pocketed coils and high-quality foams to relieve pressure in all sensitive points and provide optimum support and spine alignment. 
  • Very low motion transfer – Like most hybrid mattresses, and surprising for the 15’’ thickness, both the Plush and the Luxury Firm do a great job isolating motion and preventing partner disturbance. 
  • Great temperature regulation and cooling – The breathable cover and high-quality foams allow the Elm Resort mattresses to dissipate heat, regulate body temperature, and sleep cool even on hot summer nights.  
  • Hand-crafted in the U.S. – Elm mattresses are manufactured in the U.S., using CertiPur-US foams, which means they are safe for both users and the environment. 
  • Great value for the money – There aren’t that many 15’’ mattresses on the market but Elm is definitely one of the most affordable, especially taking into account its specs. 
  • Extensive trial and warranty – Backed by a 180 days trial and limited lifetime warranty and subject to free shipping and returns, these mattresses make a safe acquisition for anyone. Good reviews & ratings – Although Elm is a relatively new brand, the feedback their mattresses received so far, including from reviewers like NapLab, SleepLine, SleepSherpa, and MattressJudge, is pretty impressive.

Elm Sleep Resort Collection Weaknesses

Elm’s 15’’ hybrid mattresses have two drawbacks. How significant these are, it really depends on your priorities and expectations.

  • No Handles – Being 15’’ thick and hybrid, these mattresses are pretty heavy, so the handles would be helpful when it comes to moving them. However, if you unbox yours directly on the bed, positioning it will be easier and you’ll have no reason to move it again later on. The lack of handles will probably be felt once every couple of years if ever and is a really small price to pay for such a sturdy and comfortable mattress. 
  • Slow Delivery – If you need your mattress fast, Elm’s may not be the best option for you given that they ship within 4-12 days. Of course, a mattress is an important acquisition that will impact your sleep and well-being for years to come, so you should not rush it or sacrifice value for a shorter delivery time.
  • No options for Murphy beds and trundle beds – Since Murphy beds and trundle beds only accommodate mattresses up to 12’’ thick, even the Elm Original 13’’ hybrid will be too thick. If you own such a bed, you may have to buy your mattress elsewhere. There’s also the alternative to upgrade the bed and, with it, your sleep, as you’ll hardly find a better mattress offer out there.

Elm Sleep Resort Collection 15’’ Hybrid Review Conclusions

Choosing the best mattress can be overwhelming these days, with so many brands and products available. However, Elm simplifies the process with its Resort Collection. The 15” thickness, the comfort, cooling, support, and motion isolation this line of mattresses provides is difficult to match, especially at the same price point.

At the time of this review, the 15” hybrid queen sells for $1499. Given its 2 firmness options, the 180 days risk-free trial, and the lifetime warranty, you have to admit that it’s an amazing deal! And if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you also have the 13” Original Hybrid as an alternative. The conclusion is that, no matter your budget, needs, and sleeping preferences, Elm is a brand you should definitely consider, one offering excellent value for the money.

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