Lytton Sleep Review: Best Affordable Luxury Mattresses?

Lytton Sleep is a mattress brand that has been on the market since 2020. They offer two mattress models, Signature Comfort Firm and Signature Comfort Plush. These are positioned in the affordable luxury category. What’s so special about them and are they really worth their price? Read on for our in-depth Lytton Sleep review!

Lytton Mattresses Appearance

Both mattresses are delivered compressed, in a box. Once unpacked, they have the same look: a classic but elegant combination of white and beige that should look good on any type of platform or foundation.

The Euro Pillow Top hand-tufted cover makes you think of a fluffy cloud. The beige embroidered sides look sturdy and practical. Each mattress comes with up to eight handles meant to ease mattress transportation, positioning, and rotation once unboxed.

Materials and Construction

Lytton mattresses are made-to-order by Capitol Bedding, a Michigan manufacturer. They’re hybrid mattresses, meaning that they combine several layers of foam with pocketed coils. The construction looks as follows:

  1. Hand-Tufted Euro pillow top quilted panel
    The fabric, made by the North Carolina manufacturer Maxime Knitting, consists of 81% organic cotton (top) and 19% polyester (base) and covers two premium layers of CertiPUR foam. The top layer has an open-cell structure and is infused with cooling gel, to improve breathability and allow for cooler, more comfortable sleep.
  2. Serene® foam
    Incorporating Supportive Air Technology, it uses billions of small microscopic air capsules to enhance support and reduce pressure while also dissipating heat, regulating body temperature, and reducing motion transfer. It’s made by the Virginia manufacturer, Carpenter. Lytton Comfort Plush uses 12ILD Serene® foam, while Lytton Comfort Firm uses 22ILD.
  3. Quantum Edge coils system
    Made from recycled steel (90%) by the Missouri manufacturer Leggett and Platt, it provides zoned, targeted support and pressure relief, 28 better cooling compared to traditional memory foam mattresses, and excellent motion isolation.
  4. High-density 1.8 36ILD PCC foam base layer
    Enhanced with a carbon graphite and rayon FR cloth, it adds support, stability, and durability to the mattress, while also helping it meet fire resistance standards.
  5. Solid side handles
    There are 8 sewn-in horizontal handles, which will make rotating a Queen or King mattress a breeze.

Lytton Sleep Mattresses Features and Benefits

  • 12’’ thickness
    While some brands’ mattresses are only 8’’ high and others go up to 14’’ and even 16’’, Lytton’s are right in the middle, offering all the needed comfort and bounce, without unnecessarily inflating the price. They’re at the higher limit when it comes to compatibility with trundle beds and bunk beds.
  • Two firmness options
    Lytton Signature Comfort Plush is great for those who fancy softer mattresses, sleep on their side, or change positions during sleep. Lytton Signature Comfort Firm is better for back and stomach sleepers. The great thing is that there is a solution for everyone.
  • Zoned support
    The design of the Quantum Edge coils system allows for additional support in the back area, also ensuring proper spine alignment.
  • Pressure relief
    Lytton mattresses use Supportive Air Technology to relieve pressure in all the key areas: back, spine, neck, and shoulders.
  • Great motion isolation
    The foam and the pocketed coils respond individually to the sleeper’s body, localizing motion and preventing its transfer. This makes Lytton beds great for couples.
  • Excellent cooling
    The smart combination of breathable open-cell cooling gel-infused CertiPur-US and Serene foams with airflow-enhancing pocketed coils is a sure ticket to cool, sweat-less sleep year-round.
  • Hand-crafted
    In times when mass production is often synonymous with loose stitching and short lifespan, Lytton goes back to the roots and to good-old hand-tufting, going the extra mile to ensure quality and durability.
  • Made to order
    If you do your research, you’ll find quite a few complaints about mattresses not inflating or remaining uneven when unboxed after months of compression and storage. With Lytton, your mattress will only be produced when you.
  • Generous trial & warranty
    You have no less than 100 nights to test Lytton mattresses in the comfort of your home and return them if you’re not happy. That’s highly unlikely, so it should be reassuring to know that you’re covered against defects and significant wear & tear for up to 2 decades.
  • Great reviews & ratings
    Most Lytton Sleep reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Buyers describe the mattresses as extremely comfortable, and 3rd party tests report excellent scores for all the key features (cooling, motion isolation, support, pressure relief, edge support, etc).

Lytton Weaknesses

  • Price
    A queen mattress costs $1899, which, at first sight, seems pretty high. You’ll surely find a couple of cheaper mattresses out there if you’re willing to sacrifice comfort, cooling, support, and motion isolation. If you dive into the specs and look for comparable quality, Lytton’s offer will be difficult, if not impossible to match. It gets better, as they often have sales with discounts of up to $300. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can save $400, so you’ll get your Lytton queen for just $1499.
  • 2-week waiting period
    As mentioned above, Lytton mattresses are made to order, so delivery takes around two weeks, even more around public holidays. With other brands, you may receive your bed within one week. However, after the 2 weeks waiting period, you’ll get a unique mattress, hand-tufted for you by some of the best craftsmen in the U.S., so it should be worth it!

Lytton Mattresses Review Summary

Lytton is not the most popular or the cheapest brand out there. If you’re looking for a cheap mattress to throw in the guest room or in a low-end rental, it may not be the best choice for you. But if you’re looking for comfort and thousands of nights of cool, restful, and supportive sleep, give it a chance!

Meticulously hand-crafted with materials of the finest quality, following an innovative and thoughtful design, a Lytton mattress is the best choice for the queen or king in you! Given the sturdy construction and extensive warranty, you’re likely to enjoy your Lytton, be it Signature Comfort Plush or Signature Comfort Firm for many years to come. Think of it as a long-term investment in your health and well-being!

Lytton Sleep Savings

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